What is sex

Sex have been a controversial issue all over the world in which in which you keep getting negative reports on the news board everyday,the rate at which people abuse sex have gone for 0.2%to about 70% which from a classical point of view would rather draw a growing nation down to poor economical finances.this is because there is no migrant that will like to come to a country were by sex is abused there,more especially the women who would like to change there location as far as going into another country to observe some holidays ,A good example of what we’re saying is a statistics at which Hiv/Aids have risen up to 89% of carriers in bayelsa state and also about90% in Akwa ibom after visiting the two states recently national world health intelligent team Mr Geoffrey Howard from carlifornia states this as his observation and one might ask what is his conclusions,I do not know actually what is in his mind right now ,but I think that if any individual in the two afor mentioned states who happens to be a carrier should apply for medicals as to sustain his or her life and also so that those that aren’t living with the diseases can simply identify finally in conclusions I think while making love to a lady there should be a condom inserted on the man’s penni’s get more of this article at mastyboi303@gmail.com or follow up at Instagram mastyboi don’t ever finish reading without commenting and sharing so as to save lives

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