What a country countless of times trying to establish a prolific talent but all seems to no avail,when will my own times.

My name is mastyboi am an artist am also a comedian I am writing this colum to tell my fellow Nigeria what I have been through so far so good trying to establish my self professional as a comedian,At first I heard that Hennessey artistry was going to host their 2016 edition through my blood brother star uc who is also a blogger I enquired about the form and at last I went to eco bank and bought they form for 8,500 and they bank gave me a teller to confirm that I have made payment and that two weeks later I am to come for the first screening the banker also told me to pray because alot of people are in the contest😉😊I said to myself wow life is all about competition as some who has been inspired by alot of artist who came to limelight after been crowned the winner on different editions examples are like olamide baddo also known as baddo sneh and panshek zamani known popularly as Iceprince,So two weeks later I came to a certain hotel in Victoria island where the coordinators are conducting the interview I was the first person to come earlier before the scheduled time and too my greatest surprise I saw that 12 names has been choosing and that they rest should try next time without even screening as they where suppose to do and so thereby lost my 8,500 to they conductors of the Hennessey artistry 2016 edition I sort but there was nobody to go too so I forgot about it,They following year 2017 I went for maltina project fame after hearing that there anual platform brings up a new star to the industry so am a good vocal artist who can rap very nice,I bought they form for a fee of #7450 because this time I heard there platform are good and that they do not compromise issues at all after buying they form at UBA bank I was asked to go to a certain Street in ikeja which I wouldn’t like to disclose by two days time to go and no they next step so therefore two days later i went there and in front of the gate guess what I saw my fellow Nigerians in front of the gate were like 6pieces of coloured A4 papers with names of the already chosen contestants written on with and most of the names written there were all ladies with a few names of male contestants which was handy so this I ask when we I establish my future in this country am given no hope please the legislatures should strike an understanding concerning events like this one because if this continues I think to my understanding it is fraud and it is very bad defrauding the common poor man in the countryconnect directly to my websites to get my update and to my fellow artist who are already there some atimes raw materials are not always found in the city there are people in the village who are evermore talented and before I finish this I will like to also tell some of the artist in the country who are igbos by origination that helping there brothers in the industry will not only wilden there career but it will burster the Eastern economy and from my own commmon observation I think since phyno rised to limelight he have never signed an ibo artist into penthouse and the same also applies to Zoro, chidinma , Mr raw tried alot but the ones that are there currently seems to me the hate oneness in progrrss to start with after olamide established ybnl he has also established almost 7 or 8 artist who are yorubans therefore taking ybnl round Africa moreso even the recently artist who flaunted a new label reekado banks have also started going through the signing process Biko nu ndi Igbo let’s help one another and try to see each other as one especially concerning the turned around from peace to mind bridging here in Igbo land as an artist after reading this article I published even though you do not wish to sign me you can also sign others all they people of ndi Igbo will be happy if you do so ,as am leaving this published article now don’t ever finish reading as onye Igbo without commenting thanks alot yours faithfully faithful No1 Eastern guy mastyboi follow up Instagram mastyboi Gmail@mastyboi303@gmail.com or facebook at Na mastyboi

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