It’s no longer news unless you haven’t heard about the recently realeased E.p

Get the info this amazing mind blowing track was dropped by phyno fino a.k.a Alobam arguably the best rapper in the Eastern zone of the country,the track features the like of one of the greatest naija hip hop rapper of all time known as Falz the baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddGuy and also self aclaimed best rapper alive phenom,these can not just be ordinary song rather it’s a song that Nigerian human Activisits would never forget will never forget in a hurry But even though these artist didn’t go to studio to release these song,am talking to Niger people so you people haven’t noticed the country have turn to something else the beginning of the song says HOW CAN A MAN MISMANAGE 100BILION IN THE FACE OF THE MASSES HIS RULING INCLUDING ALL HIS STAFFS AND MINISTERS, HOW CAN ONE BE ROOMING THE STREETS OF THE NATIONS CAPITAL WITH BULLLET PROFF HOW CAN ONE THINK WE ARE FOOLISH AND IT BEGAN SINGING TO ITS CHORUS GET THE INFO GET THE INFO GET THE INFO GET THE INFO AM NOT BEING TO EMOTIONALLY TOUCHED WITH THIS SONGS WHEN IT STARTED WITH EASTERN PART OF THE COUNTRY LANGUAGE SAYING UZO NIKE NOO NA EAST EMEBIGO MANA AKA NUKWA NAH AHAZI ELECTION BIdo but anyway I agree with Falz when he said as long as you know Christ everything go better Get the info Get the info Hana ebi bushy na agbanyere film anyway na so the thing go alot of graduate dey they Streets dey sell doped big thief they booze up small thief they lock up according to falz get the cash get the doo ogbeni get the info build your house lock your gate don’t sleep be vigilant boys don’t dey trace you mean at this juncture am done for this go get the info go get the e.p but make sure you stick with your own advice follow up Instagram for more updates and publication N.B once again congratulations to you phyno fino Falz and phenom Niger gat your back follow the link on the pictures for your own good so that you will no longer be told of this e.p or you can also download at your favourite music site drop your comments on the comments box bye for now I love my country but the voice of God is what we are hearing

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