This is to bring to your notice that every MAN on this πŸ‘‚ must understand that good leaving is not all about coming out with big belly or to come out every moment with a laugh on your teeth or to always eat food nor to do sports training every Saturday and leave the remain days hustling and some relaxing in your office,Hence listen to me my idea you have started making one of the costly mistakes you will never forget in a hurry in a life time.(to some living in this world they live there life as obesity patients,some big belly,some also are very so regretting it so come to think of it for you to have been reading this now I think you have gotten to the moment in life where God has started answering your prayers,listen very very carefully Good leaving on this Earth we particularly are is but one in the three ways I will mention for you or possibly by observing the three all at once yes and I mean yes .Though if you go in the world today people all have their ideas and also their own understanding some human beings differ alot of people will like to say that is up to 100 ways or up to 500ways and the would forget that is not all about reading the whole pages in the Bible that matters but at least to read and understand what two or three pages are saying in the book but one would ask me why do I say this but the person really have to look into his brain and ask him or herself whether there is a millipede inside his head right now and going through the main road constructed in his brain) Furthermore all you should understand or neither what I want to make you understand is that there is no one in existence on this πŸ‘‚ that goes against what am currently taken and listed as the most important thing s that one should develop in other to grow a healthy mind one has to understand that is not an easy task more like as a blogger I watched a movie and I saw how a man stretched himself wild over his fiance reducing weight like as if is never before watch his world this marriage is not holding unless you reduce to size 12,again he will say to the wife countless atimes this marriage is dependent on how your weight reduces else am taking my engagement ring from you and giving it to some one who is size12 am not risking my money to hipppootamus so to the ladies if you are reading this then you have to understand that 21st century can not be like and will never look like other centuries days are gone when men spend their money on something that they will take as regrets and so far so good as the ladies giving men bills to pay money for this money for that shop me this shop me that buy me this buy me that so men have decided to have mind meetings in this century most especially the ones growing up mind una future tommorow no man wishes to marry a lady and still go out spend money on another based on logistics so if you want to survive then you will do yourself every good to read this all through understand follow it and kpakam you will be on every man’s mind most especially the ones that wants to marry,without waisting much of your time the number one is (good meditation) how does this work whether you are a man or woman try to always have a good meditation because it will do you a good favour so they big question is how does this work okay having a cool time to relax everyday I didn’t say you should be relaxing but what am saying is that you should be having at least two hours in everyday to do a sports you like very well or play a game you like very well just as you give yourself time to work time for launch time for dinner then you should also give yourself time to chill and play a game as a blogger and as also a man that does this what I will prescribe for you is snooker playing pro evolution soccers and mission games develop the ambition to learn much more and strive to be a pro every two hours in a day sweat goes down your body always buy a big towel for cleaning after the game sections in everyday take a bath take a little work in the next two weeks just two weeks buy a weight checker and kpakam what did you noticed you lossed weight ABI then you got to be thanking me for this secondly ( avoid eating fried food during the β›… hours in everyday so because some fake doctors go about advertising to people saying to them don’t eat fried foods like burns kpof akara and a lot of them even stew they are so many but all I want to make you understand is that I’d not a bad idea eating those foods as some people like eating it but like star uc will always say that doing a good thing at a wrong time is a bad idea so you wish to know what this implies ,don’t forget that is why am here as a blogger and that is why you are also here as a reader what its thereby saying is that you fried food during the sunny hours of the day is a wrong idea rather eating steamed food is always the best during the β›… hours have you ever wondered why China is one of the countries where people live long when I say long I mean very long they life and count their lives by centuries so haven’t known this put into practice and you will observe something in your body because you will see some certain changes and they are as follows ,you will start to reduce in fats and size and the fats in your body begins to burn and disappear on its own so lastly (avoid beer adding sticky meat)never said you should avoid alcohol but rather am only saying you should avoid beer and maybe take other parts in the alcohol family but avoid anything beer because I want you to get a bottle of beer and do an experiment as you are reading this so when God created us don’t forget he made every animal to have flesh so if you are with a bottle of beer then get a chicken parts possibly the one killed a few seconds ago then because it’s a life and at least it’s not fried or cooked it’s fresh away from fire pour a glass of beer and kpakam that particular parts become much bigger than it was before and also I want you to recall that chicken is not a sticky meat and also human meat according to Wikipedia is the best meat and it’s never sticky so anything that contains carbonate bums up sticky meat that it’s why any man that consumes more than 6bottles of beer everyday watch his stomach and you will see that it is turning up to potbelly and if you are ask him he will tell you this my belly is as a result of healthy leaving and he begins to use the poor men in his village to compare to himself saying you see them all they all have flat belly and that they are looking like what native doctors wish to use as a sacrifice but I doubt it because its not something we are here to drag so haven’t heard all this put into practice all together and in two weeks you will be taking all your clothes to tailors for shaping and you will begin to understand why am called mastyboi the blogger after reading make sure you comments and possibly share it on the desk of every social media page and colums so that everyone can start having a good leaving

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