One will ask him or herself what is this am seeing yes it’s real with fact this means and it implies that taking fruits is part of life as a being in the face of the Earth one should ask what do trees and fruit indicate in the human body it is to be taken most especially those ones that are not always seen taking cucumbers pineapple ,vegetables .,melon orange odaraa ,mangaroo and many much more are all parts of the fruit familly , Furthermore to bring to your notice something you might have forgotten so much in a hurry or maybe your teacher didn’t teach you or you were taught but you never listened, or maybe you didn’t further up your education or it’s like you didn’t do food and nutrition that was the reason why you are not aware of this one should always try to be of good charisma especially been in the education field okay but as you are here today you are knowing this is because you have the opportunity to be not just the best you are but the nice you have become always never you forget that been to the best place in the right time is what man needs to head straight ahead to good life and healthy living essential fruits are cashew nuts fruits steadily taking it means healthy diet and also means that vitamin d is essential to life and taken it from fruits is much more the wonderful method of storing it up in the body However if you are on this very much well you will know that leaving good is leaving nice be health wise live not for leaving sake but for goodness and sake

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