The reason behind sen ben uwajumogu death

It’s no longer news is gone off the roof and puff everybody is already ranting ,but to clear the air on the death of the chairman on senatory wig southwest uwajumogu ,doctors where at the Abuja hospital mortuary where the remains of the late senator laid and confirmed that they were going to conduct an autopsy to ascertain the cause of his death ,two hours later our sources in the mortuary enclosed to us that contractors working for Ben, drived into the hospital ,rushed the room and couldn’t be allowed into the autopsy room despite they came with some league of gentlemen on uniform as there security according to our liable sources they only piped through the door and saw that the autopsy is already going on and bursted into tears and cried like little babies after some hours they were going and one of the engineer while speaking to our sources said that Too much freedom is bad ,Ben had no child ,he quarrelled with his wife and she left him and went to stay in her family residence in Lagos but never disclosed the location in Lagos ,finally too much freedom killed him ,late night parties ,always been alone

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